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Dale M. Brumfield

In 1951, a little boy was found dead in Goochland County, Virginia. And that was just the beginning of this tragedy that continues today

Black Women Pioneered Lunch Counter Sit-Ins in 1943

Pauli Murray

In 1971 at age 12, my love of movies triggered an obsession with the 1933 film “King Kong.”

Quick, sleazy, & cheap: a former Virginia death row inmate lied and scammed his way to the top of the chess world

Claude Bloodgood, 2000

Part 2 of 3: 1900–1936

The hanging of Rainey Bethia in Owensboro, Kentucky, August, 1936. It was the last public execution in America. AP File photo.

Tom Horn, Nov. 20, 1903

Part 1 of 3: 1642–1899

Thomas Granger, September 8, 1642

Is the song “Hokey-Pokey” really a parody of the Catholic Latin Mass?

Americans doing the Hokey-Pokey on the beach in Australia, 1953. Wikimedia Commons.

“You put your right hand in,

You put your right hand out.

You put your right hand in,

And you shake it all about.

You do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn yourself around,

That’s what it’s all about.”

The Absolutely Horrifying Story Behind Kuru Laughing Sickness

Kuru victims, early 1960s.

An anti-masturbation pamphlet became an international bestseller — maybe for unintended reasons

1756 edition.

First successful ovarian surgery was potentially fatal to both patient and doctor

18th-century medical school dissecting room.

Dale M. Brumfield

Anti-death penalty advocate, cultural archaeologist, “American Grotesk” historyteller and author of 11 books. More at

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